“Within 7 Days or Less YOU Can Laugh at
Housebreaking Worries…
If YOU Follow This Proven Plan”*

  • Does your dog mark and defecate all over the house?
  • Dose your dog hide from you to avoid being scolded?
  • Are you embarrassed to have people stop by your house because your home smells like dog poop?

Dear friend,

This may be the most encouraging letter you have ever received concerning your dog.

But first let me ask you this:

  • Does your dog mark and defecate all over the house?
  • Does your dog hide from you to avoid being scolded?
  • Are you embarrassed to have people stop by your house because your home smells like
    dog poop?

It’s Not Your Fault

I know what you are feeling, I’ve been there. I felt like a failure myself. Especially being a veterinarian, after all theses years of training and not being able to get my dog to be housebroken.

So I talked to colleagues, dog trainers and read books. What I discovered was that housebreaking your dog can be easy, but because most people ignore the essential key "rules" to house training dogs, they get mediocre results. Like the ones I was getting…

The fact is that there is a specific system to housebreaking your dog that must be followed in order for it to work. And it is usually not what most people think!

The method is based on a few simple ideas, one of which a dog considers his crate as his own "den". This video course teaches you how to use this at your advantage, instead of having to overhaul your entire life being a slave to your dog’s bowel and bladder.

Right and Wrong Dog Training Methods --- and Little
Pointers that Will Increase YOUR Success

This course is recommended to dog owners that are looking for simple strategies and solutions they can implement to train their dog to be a well-mannered, obedient, and loving pet.

Although the course suggests success in seven days, all dogs are different and the seven day period is to be viewed as a "foundation period."

You'll never again have to worry about your dog acting out, feeling anxious or depressed--or ruining your brand-new carpet--as you discover urine or faeces.

For Inexperienced and Experienced Dog Owners

This very easy to use video course is recommended for anyone who is thinking of getting a dog as well as to all those who want to (re) teach their old dog how to be house trained.

The course separates the truth from the myths when it comes to housebreaking dogs!

This is a great system only if you're disciplined enough to follow it.

Make the sacrifice for a week, and you may have a lifetime of peace of mind knowing your dog will go where you need him/her to go.

Every Dog Can Benefit

A bold claim-but we know that it’s true: this course is a "one-size-fits-all" kind of course.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, how old your dog is, what activity level your dog has or what breed your dog is, this course can help you be a better owner and your dog be better behaved.

Whether your dog is a puppy or is a senior, whether your objective is to house train, litter train or paper train, this simple, easy-to-follow plan will help you transform your dog into a dependable member of the household--in a way that works with both his instincts and your individual lifestyle.

The Kind of Results the Pros Get

In this video course you will see how to get results while remaining calm, clear, and consistent. Don’t take our word for it. See it. Listen to it. Feel it. Decide for yourself.

When you use this thorough method, you will know how to train your dog so you get off to a great start in life. When you use this clear, concise system, you will avoid housebreaking mistakes and have a well-trained dog in just a few days.

After "programming" your dog he/she will pee and poop on command when hearing the word. This will impress your friends and really pay off later in your every day life.

How You can do Wonders with a Little Advice!

If you're having a problem with "accidents" in the house, this is the course you've been looking for.

This course teaches you:

  • How to work with nature instead of against so that you can quickly housebreak your dog.
  • How to get your dog to tell you when he needs to go outside to do his "business".
  • The routine you must follow, including simple schedules and proven advice that will make training a pleasure, for both you and your dog.

What Every Dog Owner Ought to Know…
About Housetraining

The unequalled opportunity to access Dr Omaboe’s personal dog training video series makes this course even more valuable. It feels like having your own personal dog trainer available anytime.

Whether you're looking for a puppy, re-training an adult dog, or considering saving a senior pooch, this course is extremely user friendly.

This system actually instructs you how to teach.

Become a happy pet owner by experiencing a more positive versus punitive whip-cracking approach.

If You Have Tried Other Methods of Training and Feel Disappointed…
This Formula Really Works

Most dog obedience courses that teach potty training using a crate, don’t instruct you how to properly use a crate. Furthermore you can actually get almost the same advice they give by “Googling” the subject or by reading a pamphlet at the Vet’s.

Unlike these systems, this easy to follow, step by step course teaches you not only potty training, but also teaches you crate training and clicker training. This is particularly important if you want to avoid your dog being vocal at night or when you are away from home. - Not what the neighbours want to hear.

Many courses assume that you are available every two to three hours to take the dog outside, which is, very unrealistic for most people who work 8 hour or more days and who can't hire a pet sitter to stay home with the dog in their absence.

This course acknowledges that you may be away from home during the day and therefore gives you a practical schedule for housetraining your dog what ever your timetable looks like.

Discover the Treasure That Lies Hidden in Your Dog

Imagine how it would be like starting your day without any urine and faeces cleaning chores; and not having to live any more in your dog’s personal toilet.

Picture not being worried leaving your dog home alone because you know that he/she will not ruin your carpet.

Envision yourself being able to communicate with your well behaved dog.

Visualize yourself coming home from work to a clean house, and having your perfect dog greeting you just before you both go out on the relaxing walk that you both so deserve.

This course shows YOU how to put an end to your dogs soiling habits. Just click Now on the "Risk Free Trial offer" button, fill in your Risk Free Trial Offer and You will receive your dog potty training course within 2 minutes.

bonus videos

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Description of Your Bonus

Dog Training Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making:
How to Spot Them and Fix Them Fast

Like most dog owners, you probably lead a busy life. You love your dog and you want to train him. Your dog is not responding like you would like him to. You know that you may be making mistakes, but you don't know what they are.

Pilots, surgeons, nurses, must all be able to find a mistake quickly and precisely. Because we aren't perfect, systematic approaches make us better.

How to use this approach in dog training?
Simple, just by using the same technique: the checklist.

These 20 videos are actually a check list of the most common dog training mistakes.

Instead of just listing the name of the mistake, this video series describes each of them in a fun and educational way. A way that makes it easy for you to understand, remember and apply. For a whole 20 weeks you will receive a new video a week.

YOUR Guarantee

If for any reason you are not thrilled with this course and it isn't exactly as I described, at the end of 60 days, even if it's the 60th day, you can return the product and you will get a prompt and courteous refund without any questions.

Now my friend, if every word that I said is true, and I fully guarantee it here in writing, I would like you to click Now on the Risk Free Trial Offer button and You will receive dog housebreaking course within 2 minutes

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